Information in English

Welcome on our website! Kimbria Racket Club is the biggest tennis and padel association in Maastricht, situated in the beautiful area of Jekerdal. Our parc consists of 7 gravel tennis courts, 2 padel courts, and a café. We welcome players of all levels, ages, and nationalities. Below you can find a summary of the most important information about our association.

Please find our subscription form via this link. The form is in Dutch, but easy to understand with Google Translate.

Membership fee
•    Youth under 6: free
•    Youth aged 6 till 9: €70,67
•    Youth aged 10 till 16: €104,50
•    Youth under 17, only for competition: €30,41
•    Students under 27: €141,39
•    Adults: €184,07
•    Adults, only for competition: €30,41
•    Family (4 people on the same address, of whom at least 2 under 17): €497,87
•    Medical/injured: €30,41

1. A membership includes access to our courts during opening hours, and does not include training.
2. In addition to the yearly fee, there will be a one-time administration cost of €30,41.
3. If you subscribe later than January, a discount will apply. Following the tennis season (April till October), as of April the fee will decrease by 1/7th every month.
4. Adults need to take two bar shifts each year (approximately 2 hours each).
5. If adults volunteer at least 8 hours for one of our committees in a year, they get a discount of €30,41 for the next year of the membership. Please find an overview of our committees via this link. We would love to welcome you in one of our committees!

Cancelling your membership
You should cancel your membership at least 4 weeks before January 1st. You can do so via this link. If you cancel in February, there is an additional fee of 25 euros. If you cancel in March or later, you have to pay the membership fee for the whole year.

Information about tennis and/or padel training (e.g. type of training, groups, and time slots) can be found on the website of our trainers. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Competition and tournaments
Please have a look at the website of the KNLTB (in Dutch) for information about tennis competition and tournaments, and padel competition and tournaments.

Introducing a friend
If you are a member at Kimbria Racket Club and want to introduce someone to tennis, padel and/or our association, you can send an email to Costs are €7,50 per person per day.

Renting a court
If you want to rent a tennis or padel court, please find the information via this link.

Please send an email to